Beirut Events And Street Shows

Beirut Events and Street Shows, BEASTS is a non-profit organization born in 2017 from its founders’ will in preserving a Lebanon that has been, and will always be, an exemplary beacon of openness, and an innovation platform attracting the region and the world.

Founded by Rasha Jarmakani and Maya Abu Saleh BEASTS initiates social, cultural, and entertainment activities targeting all Lebanese social and age categories with no exception, promoting the sense of national belonging across Lebanese generations, and highlighting a resilient Lebanese culture of success and achievement.

BEASTS also aims at repositioning Lebanon on the international tourism map, through attracting international talents and audiences, and adopting state of the art innovative technologies showcasing Beirut and Lebanon as an avant-garde hub for regional trends.

While actively working towards increasing Lebanon’s exposure on both the regional and international scenes, BEASTS initiatives are designed to

Designed with the aim to become the landmark festival on Lebanon’s yearly cultural and entertainment agenda, the initiative is born out of the belief of its founders in the tremendous potential of their country. A potential not only to change its reality and step in a brand new era of prosperity, but also to thrive, thanks to its unparalleled resources and talents, to new heights of exploit, becoming a beacon of hope to the region and a success model to the world.